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Rock Bottom

An adventure-averse doctor travels to Antarctica to reconnect with his girlfriend only to find she lied about working there. Now grief stricken, desperate, and bound by a government contract, he must endure living in the close confines of McMurdo Station alongside the eccentric crew who will make him question not only his direction in life, but also his sanity.

Honey Badger Don't Care

Based on the viral YouTube video, a surly honey badger, Badge, lives with an eccentric New Yorker, Randall, as they careen from one adventure to another. In this animated series, apathy is front and center as our heroes find the meaning of life while shrugging and battling their way through Florida's underbelly filled with drug-addicted rats, hippy possums, and radical Floridians.

Awards & Nominations:

• Quarter Finalist - ScreenCraft Comedy Competition 2021 with "Rock Bottom"

• Quarter Finalist - Golden Script Competition 2020 with "Rock Bottom"

• Semifinalist - ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition 2019 with "Rock Bottom"

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